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I. About the Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program

  1. What is Process/Track 1?

This is the process for applicants who have already obtained a letter of admission to study in a graduate program in a supported field at a university on the list of Targeted Universities.

  1. What is Process/Track 2? 

This is the process for applicants who choose to apply for the Vingroup Scholarship Program before applying for graduate degree program.

  1. How many scholarships will be awarded?

For 11 years starting from 2019, the Program will offer up to 100 scholarships per year to highly talented Vietnamese to pursue Master’s and doctoral degree programs in key areas at leading universities in the world.

  1. Does the Scholarship Program specify a certain number of scholarships for each process/track and each of the supported fields of study?

No. The maximum number of scholarships is 100 per year. We do not specify the number of scholarships for each process or supported field. However, the Program will award only ten (10) full scholarships to study at the University of Limoges, France, for a Master’s degree in CRYPTIS (Cryptology and Information Security), which includes five (5) scholarships for a Master’s degree in MCCA (Mathematics, Cryptology, Coding and Applications) and five (5) scholarships for a Master’s degree in IT Security (IS).

II. Supported fields of study and research areas

  1. What are the supported fields of study and research areas for the Scholarships?

The Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program awards scholarships to candidates who study in selected areas of science and technology, which have the potential to create breakthroughs in the development of science and technology in Vietnam. Please find HERE the list of supported fields of study that are given priority in granting the Master’s and Doctoral scholarships.

  1. What should I do if my intended major is not in the list of the supported fields of study and research areas?

For applicants who wish to study in other fields of science and technology that do not appear on the list above, please contact the Program at scholarships@vingroup.net to check the eligibility of the intended field of study before applying for the scholarship.

III. Targeted universities

1. If my preferred university is not on the list of the Targeted Universities, can I still apply for the scholarship?

The Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program has identified a list of Targeted Universities that are among the top graduate schools in the world in each supported field of study. Please find the list of Targeted Universities HERE

2. The Vingroup Scholarship Program requires applicants to apply to the top ranked fields/areas at the targeted universities. How can I check the rankings of the field/area at these universities?

Applicants are required to apply to the top-ranked programs in the world at the targeted universities. We often refer to the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings by Subject.

IV. Support by the Vingroup Scholarship Program

  1. What financial support does the Vingroup Scholarship Program provide?.

The scholarship pays for all expenses for the duration of one’s graduate degree program in accordance with the policy and rules of each university, including:

  • Tuition: All tuition for the Master’s or doctoral program for the duration of study determined by the host university that admits the student, usually two years for a Master’s degree program and three to five years for a doctoral degree.
  • Monthly stipend/Monthly salary: This stipend is intended to cover monthly living expenses that would cover basic lodging, meals, and transportation. The amount of the monthly stipend/monthly salary depends on each university’s regulations for the standard rate for an international student in the designated study program.
  • Round-trip airfare: A round-trip, economy air ticket from Vietnam to the host university abroad at the beginning of the study program and return to Vietnam at the end of the program.
  • Visa application fee (one-time): Cost of the visa application, if any. This does not include transportation, lodging, or other expenses related to the process of getting one’s visa.
  • Health insurance: Single coverage of required health insurance throughout the duration of the study program as per visa requirement or Host University’s requirement.
  • Allowances: Including settling-in allowance and reintegration allowance after Scholars graduate and return to Vietnam.
  • Other benefits and support for a scholarship recipient: Scholarship recipients of the Science and Technology Scholarship Program will receive support in the process of applying for admission to the targeted universities. Candidates who pass the interview the interview round of Track 2 may receive a Letter of Recommendation signed by their interviewers, who are professors serving on the Scholarship Selection Committee, as well as a Financial Support Letter from the Scholarship Program. These are two very important documents that help the candidates to increase their chances of being accepted by the Targeted Universities. Apart from receiving the scholarships from Vingroup, awardees will join the network of Vingroup Scholars and receive constant support throughout the study program as well as after graduation.
  1. Does the scholarship cover expenses for family members or relatives?

No. The scholarship will only cover the expenses of the Scholars. The Scholars must be responsible for the expenses of their family members and relatives, if any.

V. Application and required documents

  1. Is there any age limit to apply for the Scholarship Program?

Yes. An applicant must not be over 30 years of age at the start date of the intended Master’s degree program and not over 35 for a doctoral degree program.

  1. If the grading scale of my GPA is not 10-point scale, how should I effectively convert my academic results to the accepted GPA scale?

You can refer HERE for the GPA conversion table between 10-point scale and other popular grading scales.

  1. How can I apply to the Scholarship Program?

First and foremost, applicants are required to read carefully all the information posted at the website of the Scholarship Program. Applicants then complete an online application at: https://scholarships.vinuni.edu.vn/scholarship/account/. Only online applications are accepted.

  1. How can I be sure that my application has been submitted successfully?

The online application system of the Scholarship Program will not allow applicants to submit applications without completing the required information or completing the required steps, marked with an asterisk (*). Once the applicant has completed all the application requirements, the “Submit” button will appear. When the applicant presses the “Submit” button, the applicant’s form will be sent to the Scholarship Program and an automated confirmation email from the system will be sent to the candidate’s email address indicated in his/her registration information. If the applicant does not receive any notification after submitting the application, the applicant should contact the Scholarship Program via email: scholarships@vingroup.net or call (+84) 024 71089779 (Ext: 9032 or 9006) to get help.

  1. Can applicants supplement documents after submitting their application?

No. After the application has been submitted, the candidate can no longer be able to edit the application. Before pressing the “Submit” button, applicants should review in detail the information and documents that the applicant has provided as seen in the “Review” section. Applicants should carefully read the Program Information posted on the Program’s official website to understand the terms, policies, and regulations.

  1. Who should provide Letters of Recommendation for the applicants?

Applicants should have two (2) letters of recommendation from their professors/instructors or others involved in any of their projects, including research projects related to their field of study, or from their manager in their field-related work. In essence, an applicant should seek recommendations from individuals who understand the applicant’s qualifications and contributions to their studies, research, and work. The Letters of Recommendation must be written on official letterhead in English and must have the official titles and signatures of the referees.

  1. Can the referees send the Letters of Recommendation directly to the Scholarship Program?

Yes. In this case, prior to the application deadline, the Letter of Recommendation can be sent to the Program by email: scholarships@vingroup.net. The referee will need to state the applicant’s full name, date of birth, and email address so that the Program can match the Letter with the applicant’s application form.

  1. If the applicant has received an unconditional admission offer from a university on the list of Targeted Universities, does the applicant need to submit scores from the IELTS or TOEFL tests to apply to Process/Track 1 of the Scholarship Program?

No. Applicants applying through Process/Track 1 are not required to demonstrate their English language proficiency when they have already obtained an unconditional offer letter which indicates that they have met the language requirement for admission.

  1. Besides the IELTS and TOEFL tests, are there any other standardized English tests that are acceptable when applying to the Scholarship Program?

No. The Scholarship Program only accepts the IELTS, the TOEFL, or a university degree from an English-speaking country to prove the candidate’s English proficiency level. Any other exams and certificates are not acceptable.

  1. If the applicant cannot submit the IELTS or TOEFL test results on time, can an additional submission be made after the application closing date?

No. All documents in the scholarship application form must be submitted via the Scholarship Program’s online application system by the announced deadline for applications. Applicants cannot submit additional documents after this time unless in very special circumstances such as the Covid pandemic. Incomplete applications will be marked as unsatisfactory and will be rejected.

  1. What if the original documents are not in English?

All original documents must be translated into English and notarized.

  1. Does the candidate need to have work experience in order to apply for the Scholarship?

The Scholarship Program does not require applicants to have work experience.

VI. Selection process

  1. What is the process for selecting scholarship applicants?

The Selection Process consists of two rounds for Process/Track 1 applicants and three rounds for Process/Track 2 applicants:

  • Round 1: Initial Application Screening. After the scholarship application deadline, the Scholarship Program will conduct an initial eligibility screening to ensure that the applications meet all the minimum, pre-determined requirements. After this initial screening, the Scholarship Selection Committee will review the applications and select the shortlisted candidates for the next round, the oral exam/interview.
  • Round 2: Oral Exam/Interview. The Scholarship Selection Committee will conduct the Oral Exam/Interview Round, which will be in English and last up to 45 minutes for each candidate and will be conducted via teleconference or face-to-face, depending on the circumstances.
  • Round 3: University Application Process. Applicants applying through Process/Track 2 will begin the process of applying to graduate degree programs in the supported fields at universities on the Targeted Universities list.
  1. Are all applicants notified of the result?

All applicants, who completed and submitted an application to the Scholarship Program, will receive an email regarding their final results, including applicants who are not selected for the Scholarship.

  1. How many times can applicants apply for the scholarship?

The Scholarship Program has no limit on the number of times an applicant may apply for a scholarship. An applicant, who has not been successful on the first application, may apply at the next intake. 

VII. Scholarship conditions

  1. What are the conditions to receive and maintain a Vingroup Scholarship?

Applicants must fully meet the application requirements of the Vingroup Scholarship Program and pass all the selection processes. Applicants must also meet health requirements by going through a General Health Check Program before commencing their studies. In addition, they must apply successfully for a visa from the designated country to study in the specified program. During the degree program, the Vingroup Scholars must meet the minimum academic requirements determined by the degree program, report their academic performance and research progress periodically to the Scholarship Program, and maintain the academic and visa status.

  1. Are Scholars required to return to work at Vingroup or at another entity in Vietnam after graduating? If yes, for how long?

Scholarship recipients, who have completed their final academic requirements for the Master’s and/or doctoral degree, must return to Vietnam to work for a Vietnamese public university or research institute or to work for a member company of the Vingroup Ecosystem. The time bond is equal to at least the duration of time in the study program under which the Scholars received the Vingroup Scholarship.

To accumulate more related work experience and skills in an international environment before returning to Vietnam, the Vingroup Scholars may stay in the host country to work in their field of study after graduation (up to one year for Master’s Scholars and two years for Doctoral Scholars). With this expansion of time, Vingroup Scholars will gain more opportunities to accumulate valuable international professional experience before returning to contribute to the development of science and technology in Vietnam.

  1. Can the scholarship recipient apply for further higher education after completing one degree, for example, applying for a scholarship for a doctoral degree after completing a Master’s degree program?

Upon successful completion of a Master’s degree program, Vingroup Scholars may progress to a doctoral degree program. If Vingroup Scholars choose to continue on to a doctoral degree program and apply for the Vingroup Scholarship, they will have to go through the normal scholarship application process for that year. They may also continue onto the doctoral degree program with other source of funding.

I have checked the Program’s website and all the Q&As but I still cannot find the information needed. What should I do?

If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: https://scholarships.vinuni.edu.vn/contact/