List of supported fields of study

The Vingroup Science & Technology Scholarship Program for Overseas Study managed by VinUniversity gives priority in awarding scholarships to candidates who study key areas of science and technology that have the potential to create breakthrough and innovation in the development of science and technology in Vietnam. There is also a great demand for high-quality human resources in these fields in Vietnam.

Below is the list of supported broad fields of study and the corresponding areas of specialization which are given priority in granting Vingroup graduate scholarships.


Computer Science and Information Systems

Applied Mathematics
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Cyber-Physical Systems
Cybersecurity – Cryptology
Data Analytics
Data Science
Data Structures and Algorithms
Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning
Quantum Computing
Scientific Computing
Statistics (related to Data Science & Applied Mathematics)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Control and Automation Engineering
Internet of Things – IoT
Nano Electronics and Photonics
Power and Energy System
Renewable Energy
Signal Processing

Mechanical Engineering

3D Printing
Automotive Engineering
Product design

Biological Sciences (For Human Biology only)

Biomedical Engineering
Biomolecular Engineering & Drug Delivery
Cell Therapy
Cytology – Cell Biology and Stem Cells
Epidemiology & Virology
Gene Editing
Molecular Biology
Population Genetics, Pharmaco Genomic
Smart and Digital Health, including Telemedicine
Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Materials Sciences

Battery & Recyclable Battery
Battery Technology
Biodegradable & Recycling Polymers
Electronic, Magnetic & Photonic Materials
Fuel Cells and Supercapacitors
High Performance and Composite Materials
Metallic Materials
Renewable Energy

Note: The list of eligible fields of study will continue to be updated. For applicants who wish to study other fields of science and technology that do not appear on the list above, please contact the Program to check the eligibility of the intended fields of study before applying for scholarship.