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From your time as a Vingroup scholarship recipient to your post-graduate experience as an alumnus, Vingroup’s support continues in an effort to create a global network of Vingroup Scholars who will contribute significantly to the development of science and technology in Vietnam in the future.

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For 11 years starting from 2019, Vingroup offers up to 100 scholarships per year for qualified candidates to commence graduate studies in more than 60 top universities in 15 countries around the world. 

The number of Vingroup Scholars will be frequently updated.

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HOANG LE DIEU HUONG - Vingroup Scholar, Cohort 2021

Ph.D. student | Electrical and Computer Engineering | University of California, San Diego

My research interests lie in the area of image/video processing and human-computer interaction. This includes such applications as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D displays, and adaptive multimedia. 

Upon receiving Vingroup Scholarship I was both grateful and blessed. It gives me the confidence in doing a doctoral degree at a leading university, which I never imagined before. Vingroup Scholarship has brought me so much more than financial support, it brought me my future. I am beyond thankful for the scholarship’s generosity, encouragement, and for its long-term goal of making Vietnam a better nation.

NGUYEN ANH TUAN - Vingroup Scholar, Cohort 2020

Ph.D. student | Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) | St Cross College, University of Oxford

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have been chosen as a scholarship recipient of the Vingroup Scholarship. It has helped me to actualize my dream of studying in one of the top universities. I can assure you that the award will go toward great things.

My research interest is mainly on developing deep learning models for real-world problems such as healthcare and finance. My models usually deal with time-series data with potentially many missing values. I focus on facilitating Machine Learning for resource-constrained system (reducing network and data size). I am also interested in bayesian deep learning with variational inference.

HOANG TRUNG THIEN - Vingroup Scholar, Cohort 2019

Ph.D. student, Biomedical Engineering | The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)

My research topic aims to contribute a novel fabrication method of an innovative family of soft artificial muscles with self-sensing capability. This technology aims to develop multifunctional artificial muscles with high-performance characteristics analogous to those of skeletal muscles, enabling natural interaction between the devices and robots with humans and surrounding environments. The new type of soft muscle is intended to be applied in robots, wearable devices, haptics and especially healthcare equipment.

In research, I always want to devote my efforts to studies the results from which can be applied to enhance the benefits of the community. That is one of the reasons why I chose to pursue biomedical engineering and help develop devices and technologies to support human health.

PHUNG TRA MY - Vingroup Scholar, Cohort 2019

Master's student, Data Science | New York University

Winning Vingroup’s scholarship is truly a life-changing and career-shifting opportunity for me. I can fully focus on my study as well as share my learning journey to inspire and support others. My career ambition is creating a community for young Data Science learners in Vietnam (through my page, “Data Science in Brief” @DSinbrief). I really appreciate and support Vingroup’s initiation in investing in talents and bringing back brilliant scholars to our country.

Ngo Huy Quyen - Vingroup Scholar, Cohort 2019

Master's student, Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Engineering) | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

My research is about Automated Driving Systems with a concentration on advanced integrated control systems for vehicle maneuver and perception in next-generation autonomous vehicles. Possible applications include automated exploration in unknown environments, real-time dynamic object avoidance systems and so on. My fields of interest also broaden to vehicle electrification to solve the energy cost optimization problem of automated platforms. Working on some of the hottest technology trends in the 21st century, I thrive to make the best out of research and hands-on experience in Michigan, the automobile hub of the planet. I envision the potentials of automation, that one day self-driving cars will roam every corner of the world, making it a better place in the future.

TRAN NGOC NHAT HUYEN - Vingroup Scholar, Cohort 2019

Master's student, Cryptology & Information Security | The University of Limoges, France

Our research is a combination of Big Data, Data Streaming, and Deep learning. We construct an Intrusion detection system that is able to monitor and analyze real-time data to detect any intrusion or attacks in the network.

NGUYEN VAN LANH - Vingroup Scholar, Cohort 2020

Ph.D. student, Control & Automation Engineering | University of Technology Sydney

In the age of high-tech, it is undeniable that robots can substantially improve production efficiency and alleviate the dependence on manual labor. My research concentrates on integrated learning and control algorithms for applications of mobile robots in construction, agriculture, and defense. The primary goal of my career is to design and build mobile robots that will improve human life. 

TRAN MINH PHUONG NAM - Vingroup Scholar, Cohort 2020

Ph.D. student, Biomedical Engineering (Tissue Engineering) | Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

My research involves the manipulation of biomaterials and cellular construct to protect the cells in cellular therapy and to enhance their function. Cellular therapy holds great potential as medical treatment but many challenges are still awaited to be overcome. Successful protection of cells without hampering effect on their performance can improve the effectiveness and the safety of the therapy, open hopeful treatments for a wide range of diseases.

Benefit for the whole society is always the final goal of research on medicine and human health. Pursuing this field in Singapore, I strive in research, dreaming of the day incurable diseases will no longer be a burden for our people.

A global network of intellectuals

We are looking forward to developing a global community of Vingroup Scholars who, through their research output and leadership, will contribute significantly to the advancement of science and technology of Vietnam, and possibly the region and the world, in the future.