In March 2019, Vingroup announced “The Science and Technology Scholarship Program for Overseas Study for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees” whose mission is to find talents who can lead and advance the development of science and technology in Vietnam in the future. The Program is managed and administered by VinUniversity. At present, after two years, the Program has selected and awarded scholarships to 105 excellent Vietnamese talented students to pursue graduate study at 26 leading universities in the world such as the University of Oxford (United Kingdom), Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of California, San Diego, Johns Hopkins University (United States), University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne (Australia), National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technology University (Singapore), or EPFL (Switzerland) to name just a few. The scholarship recipients are selected based on outstanding academic ability, aspiration, creativity, and commitment to contribute to the development of science and technology in Vietnam. Through the Scholarship Program, Vingroup does not only provide the scholars with opportunities to pursue higher education and research but also supports them throughout the completion of the degree programs and future career development upon returning to Vietnam.

On July 17th, 2021, VinUniversity organized the Pre-Departure Orientation and Vingroup Scholarship Award Ceremony for 39 new scholars of Cohort 2021. These students have successfully passed all the competitive selection rounds and are commencing their programs this year. During the event, the scholars learned and discussed collaboration opportunities during and after their degree programs with senior leaders and representatives of various Vingroup member companies and research institutes including VinUniversity, Vingroup Big Data Institute, VinAI Research, VinBrain, VinFast, VinMec, and One Mount Group.

Many years ago, some senior leaders of Vingroup and VinUniversity received scholarships to study abroad just like you today. The time we spent overseas has brought a depth of experience about how developed countries cultivated and nurtured talents and utilized science and technology innovation to make their countries more prosperous. Upon returning to Vietnam, these experiences have become an invaluable asset for the successful establishment and development of the Vingroup ecosystem. Vingroup established this scholarship program because we believe that knowledge is the key to the development of each country. Hopefully, with the enthusiasm and talent of youth, you will thrive in your study and return to Vietnam so that we can develop our country together.

Dr. Le Mai Lan
Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup and President of VinUniversity Council

There is no shortage of the talents that we can find in Vietnam and also people that hat have gone abroad and decided to come back and contribute to the country. With the right kind of focus and investment, the world is your oyster and we should be able to really achieve things that seem to be impossible. I have got a lot of hope and faith in the ability, and also the strength, of the future generations, especially in science and technology in Vietnam. I am sure that this group is an example of what the future would hope for.

Dr. Bui Hai Hung
Director of VinAI Research
Guest speakers of the PDO 2021
39 Scholars Cohort 2021 during the event