VinUniversity Campus Opening Ceremony

HANOI– 15 January 2020

The campus of the newly established VinUniversity opened in Ocean Park, Hanoi. This historic event, a culmination of only a 14 month construction period for the campus, signals to the world that VinUniversity is ready to accept and welcome its first batch of students in Fall 2020. Several distinguished guests including the Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, the Minister for Education, the chairman of VIngroup which is the sponsor of VinUniversity, foreign diplomats, heads of other universities and heads of major companies were present to celebrate this occasion with the faculty and staff of VinUniversity. In the afternoon, it was our pleasure to welcome the first-ever group of students and their parents to VinUni. These students were special as they are the ones who believed in VinUni and applied for early admissions. It was a delight to watch them as they explored and enjoyed the campus; it will be home to many of them soon!

Ribbon-cutting ceremony.

VinUniversity is the first private, not-for-profit university in Vietnam. It follows the model of university of excellence that aims to develop talents for the future. VinUniversity is built in collaboration with Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania in the US. Its first batch of about 300 undergraduate students will arrive on campus in Fall 2020 and will enroll in one of VinUni’s three colleges:

  • College of Engineering and Computer Science;
  • College of Health Sciences;
  • College of Business and Administration.

VinUni’s faculty are coming from all over the world, with Ph.Ds and academic experience in the leading US and European universities. Vingroup has committed over 6,500 billion VND to VinUni of which 3,000 billion VND is earmarked for student scholarships and financial aid.

VinUni overall landscape.

The university campus is built over 23 hectares of land and has nine blocks. The exterior is built with Gothic architecture characterized by vertical pillars bearing the message “The university of enlightenment” and the symbol of the Sun shining the light of knowledge adorns the main administrative building.  The campus is green, smart and energy-efficient with 84% green space, many rooftop gardens, and solar panels in the entire 1,000 m2 roof of the lab building. The interior of VinUniversity is absolutely modern with the highest quality infrastructure and technology for research and teaching. The student dorms are built with the concept of “Co-living, co-working, co-learning” with plenty of spaces to gather, play and work together. The sports complex includes an Olympic size swimming pool and indoor and outdoor fitness and play facilities. The classrooms are modular and flexible, designed to adapt to the learning and teaching needs of the students and faculty. The research labs are well equipped to welcome the state of the art research equipment we expect to install soon. The library is an open, cheerful, welcoming space for quiet study or group work.  Here on this campus, we expect that memories will be made, new knowledge will be created, and compassionate, aspirational, thoughtful and highly skilled leaders and change makers will emerge.

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