More opportunities for Vingroup scholarship applicants – the lists of supported fields and universities extended

After more than six months from the initial announcement, the Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program has received significant attention from Vietnamese candidates living and studying in Vietnam and abroad. In 2019, the Program granted 18 fully-funded scholarships to young talented Vietnamese and selected nearly 40 Nominees for the Vingroup Scholarship for the 2020 Cohort. With the desire to create more favorable opportunities for Vietnamese in the fields of science and technology to study and do research at leading universities in the world and to gain international work experience before returning to Vietnam, the Program has made important adjustments and additions to facilitate the educational experience for the Scholars.

Five more universities added to the List of Targeted Universities

The Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program officially added five (5) prestigious universities to the list of targeted universities for a total of 53 universities from which Scholarship applicants can select as their preferred university to attend. Among the additional schools are two top universities in the UK, Cambridge University and Oxford University, which are among the top 10 best universities in the world. Furthermore, applicants who wish to study in France also have a new option, the Sorbonne University, which is also known as the Paris 6 University. The Sorbonne is one of the leading universities in France, especially in the field of applied mathematics and computing, with 5 Nobel Laureates, 4 Fields Medals, and 1 Turing Award. In addition, two leading universities in Japan were added to the list of targeted universities: Nagoya University, which is among the top 10 best universities in Japan and Tohoku University, whose Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science programs are rated among the top 50 in the world.

  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • Sorbonne University* 
  • Nagoya University
  • Tohoku University

*Formally known as Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC) or Paris VI University)

More majors and research areas added to the list of supported fields

In addition to the current fields of study, the Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program officially has expanded to other important science and technology majors/research areas. In particular, these are areas that are lacking in high quality human resources in Vietnam. The list of additional majors and research areas includes:

  1. Applied Mathematics
  2. Mathematics & Statistics: Data Science
  3. Research areas:
    • Battery
    • Bioelectronics
    • Biodegradable Materials
    • Plastics Recycling
    • Battery Recycling
Vingroup Scholars can stay and work abroad up to 2 years after graduation

To create opportunities for Vingroup Scholars to accumulate more work experience in an international environment before returning to Vietnam, the Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program will allow Scholars to stay in the host country to work in their field of study after graduation, provided that their immigration status allows for the Scholar to work in the particular employment position. The maximum work time abroad for a Scholar with a Master’s degree is one year and up to two years for a Scholar with a Ph.D. Other requirements regarding the commitment to return and work in Vietnam remain the same. With this new expansion of time in the Program, Vingroup Scholars will gain more opportunities to accumulate valuable international professional experience before returning to Vietnam to contribute to the development of science and technology in Vietnam.

The amendments and supplements to the Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program take effect from the date of this notice.