Whiting School of Engineering launches partnership with Vietnam scholarship program

Whiting School of Engineering

The original English article is posted on the Johns Hopkins University website at https://hub.jhu.edu/2019/10/14/vingroup-partnership-for-vietnamese-students

A new partnership between Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering and a Hanoi-based scholarship program will bring students from Vietnam to JHU’s Homewood campus to pursue graduate degree programs at Johns Hopkins.

The Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program for Overseas Study for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees will bring some of Vietnam’s top students to Johns Hopkins and offer them numerous opportunities while also elevating the school’s profile internationally, according to Ed Scheinerman, vice dean for graduate education at the Whiting School.

“We are very excited to partner with the Vingroup Science and Technology Program to bring to Johns Hopkins talented graduate students who will eventually return to Vietnam to take their place as researchers, innovators, and leaders,” Scheinerman said.

To take part in the program, Vietnamese students must pass through two rigorous admissions processes—one by Vingroup and the second by Johns Hopkins—to ensure that candidates have fulfilled all admissions requirements for the university and for the departments they plan to enter.

“The prospective PhD students need to be accepted by the advising faculty member in their respective department,” said Hedy Alavi, assistant dean for international programs at the Whiting School. “We look forward to welcoming the first scholars to the Homewood campus in the fall semester of 2020 and enhancing our partnership with Vingroup to provide more opportunities for Vietnamese students to pursue their education at Johns Hopkins University in the near future.”

The partnership parties will share the cost of the scholarships, with Vingroup underwriting the cost of tuition and fees, stipends, health insurance, and other expenses for the first three years, and WSE covering costs thereafter.

The Science and Technology Scholarship Program funded by Vingroup is administered and managed by VinUniversity, a Vingroup initiative that will open and begin operating in Vietnam in 2020. The scholarship program is the first of several planned collaborative activities—including academic exchange and research collaboration—between VinUniversity and the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.

“VinUniversity, especially our College of Engineering and Computer Science, looks forward to working more closely with [the Whiting School of Engineering] in other academic aspects,” said Rohit Verma, founding provost of VinUniversity.

Vingroup Scholarship Program is a component of the Science and Technology Resources Development Project for Vietnam by Vingroup, a leading conglomerate in Vietnam. The program seeks to identify talented people and provide them with opportunities to advance science and technology in Vietnam.